Thursday, January 19, 2017

Three Interesting Things

1. This is the crap we talk about with Congress trying to overturn DC laws.  Congress wants to overturn DC's gun laws, even though the restrictions set up on the Capitol Building (where you know, the Congress peeps work) are even stricter.  So basically, they want to overturn laws that don't affect them because why? Do their constituents care about DC gun laws? Does it make the members of Congress feel cool?  No idea.  Leave my city alone, you guys. 
2. I have the utmost sympathy for professional social media folks.  (Seriously, scroll through the mentions of any transit provider someday.) As it changes how institutions interact with the public there is often friction.  As with one nearby school district where the person behind the account teased a student who misspelled a request for weather closure.  And then got fired.  So much for breezy interaction. 
3. I wrote about my reaction to the "Top Chef" immunity decision last week. This piece about it from Linda Holmes was also great.