Monday, November 14, 2016

Voting is Just the Beginning

One of our ministers at church often referenced ways we could march, protest, and other wise push for change.  She mentioned at one point that a congregation member once reminded her that's not the only avenue.  Yes, the world, the nation, the city need people advocating for the things they want.  I once went to a forensics competition, and one of the speechifiers talked about working with your elected representatives and that one had gotten on the floor and said that his constituents favor it two to one.  He had received three letters. 
The hope is usually that we elect people who have values that align with ours. But whether our fave got picked or not, it can be helpful to remain vigilant.  And if remaining vigilant seems super hard - I know this election cycle took a lot out of a lot of people - there are other ways.  Supporting things - even fun things like books or comics.  Volunteering to read books to kids or folks in homeless shelters.  Supporting larger groups who are pushing the government towards the changes you want. 
I personally am planning to work more on being the person my city council members recognize when my email shows up. And some of those ideas cost money, but you can also request those books, comics and movies you want from the library. And if they don't have it, suggest it to them.  Libraries often have part of their budget for patron requests and this will not only benefit you, but hopefully some other person who happens across this item if they add it.