Saturday, October 01, 2016

Tricolor Cat Day

October 1st is Tricolor Cat Day. A day to celebrate tricolor cats - be they calico, tortoiseshell, or torbie, dilute or of more traditional color, it is a day to celebrate the amazing tricolor cats.  Often female, due to the genetics attached to the tricolor markings, tricolor cats are not only delightful to look at they are often great feline companions, even if they are sometimes accused of having a little more tortitude. 
Ways to celebrate: 
If there is a tricolor cat in your household, they deserve extra attention and/or treats today. 
You could visit a tricolor cat at a friend's house or shelter. 
If you have a local cat cafe, you may be able to hang out with a tricolor cat there. 
You could also read a book about a tricolor cat. 
You can also read up more about tricolor cats - here and here, for starters.