Monday, June 27, 2016

The Thing About Democracy

The thing about democracy is that sometimes more people disagree with you than didn't.  Sometimes just a few more, which can be more maddening. But of course all of you have to live with the result.  And I want to make it clear, before I go forth, that yes, this post is inspired by the recent Brexit vote, but that isn't at all to say that I think people should or should not have voted a certain way.  I have opinions on this, sure, I expect to see the effects of this, sure, but I fully support the people of the United Kingdom making whatever choice they feel is best for them.  
We have access to so much data these days, that it's fascinating to see geographic breakdowns and age breakdowns.  It makes it tempting to blame or celebrate those people.  Now, it's super fun to joke of pun about Brexit, but in the end either choice has immediate effect.  Either choice has long term effects.  There will be shifts within the party in power.  There is discussion of what this means for rights that been established under EU treaties that now have to renegotiated under the UK.  This affects borders, travel, education, and the job market. 
But the thing about democracy is that if you get a result you like, you celebrate, but the work isn't done.  You keep advocating and working or even, quite honestly, writing your elected officials, to keep what you want going.  And if you get a result you don't like, um, well, actually you do the same.  You keep advocating and working and writing to your elected officials.  It is often tempting to think our work as non-elected officials is done once the vote is finished.  That is a choice you can make.  But trust me, other people are bugging your elected officials.  Other people are talking to them.  Elections are very good at reminding us that not all the people agree with us.