Monday, April 25, 2016

7 Posts: The Songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The songs of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" are fascinating things.  Starting with the "Sexy Getting Ready Song*" the show made a few things clear, these were not songs you had heard before, these were not songs that just anyone with daddy issues or whatever could sing, the songs in this show would be specific.  But that isn't to say they wouldn't operate on a number of levels, making commentary on the characters and society, providing easter eggs for folks who can spot the song style it's riffing off of (which has ranged from Mama Rose to boy bands) and yet providing the specifically funny thing for that character. 
Now, I do have the tiniest of quibbles with "I Gave You a UTI". I know.  It's supposed to be funny.  And god knows that "Face Your Fears" which is one of my favorites, is full of terrible advice. (Some of which is addressed in the song.)
But overall the songs are amazing, and in many ways express the very specific viewpoint of the show whether it's with Rebecca's realization that she is actually the villain, or the guest star packed song from from the dream ghosts.
I'll talk more about this in some of the other posts, but the songs say important things.  First, they are quirky to say the least, if a chorus of children holding scissors singing to face your fears doesn't appeal to you, well, this may not be the show for you.  But also, the awareness expressed in everything from the "Sexy Getting Ready Song" to "I Have Friends" to "I'm the Villain" express that the show has an awareness that Rebecca herself does not always have. And that makes me trust the hands of the storytellers. 

 *All links lead to videos. Some of them contain language acceptable on evening broadcast TV.