Thursday, December 03, 2015

Three Things About Gun Violence

I find myself unable to be silly today, so apologies if you came here today to escape the coverage. I made a rule for myself a while back that when the world irritated me I would attempt action of some sort.  Obviously the scale of wrote another article slamming things that female people like to mass shooting is very different. 
1. Spend money.  Buy books about things. Give money to organizations that are working towards things.
2. Make my thoughts known.  Having a non-voting congressperson changes this somewhat, but I have thoughts I want the politicians who represent me to know.  I recognize that they won't always do exactly as I wish, at both the local and national level, but I sure as heck don't want them unaware of my thoughts on issues of importance to me.  Even if this just means the intern who opens the mail (or email) makes another tally on the spreadsheet, I want it counted.
3. Place blame correctly.  It is not race, religion, or mental illness that causes people to murder others.  It is safe and easy to believe that only people with warped brains would murder people. Or people who look or worship a certain way.  But let's face it, plenty of people of any race, religion, and/or who are suffering from mental illness murdered no one today.