Monday, November 02, 2015

Open Letter to Niya Kenny

Dear Ms. Kenny,
I don't know if you knew that you were risking arrest when you pulled out your device in class to be ready to film the intervention of a school resource officer into a class discipline issue. But nonetheless I want to applaud your concern for your fellow student, your willingness to step in and stand up for her.  I'm sorry that you even had to think like that.  I'm sorry that the officers who are theoretically there to provide safety for students and teachers have in some cases created an environment such that you knew as soon as you heard which officer was coming in, that your fellow classmate was at risk, not of getting in trouble, which she already was, but of injury.  I'm sorry that you were right.  I hope this leads to change in the way discipline is approached in your school.  It probably won't come swiftly enough to benefit you, but I have faith that you have already learned some important things about becoming a good citizen.