Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's Talk Generations

One of the great things about getting older is that the news cycle starts picking on other generations. I ran across this article written with enough judgey pants on to keep us all pretty warm.  So, the gist is that a twenty-something was travelling in Nepal. She texted a friend that she had arrived and was going to stay with a guy she met through a website where you can find folks willing to rent out their couch to you.  She was killed.  It turns out by the man who lent her his couch. 
So, here's the thing. Yes, some people are more willing to trust various, for lack of a better term, alternative travel arrangements.  I would however argue, that stories of backpackers relying on the kindness of strangers pre-date the internet. It's very sad that she died. I resent that implication that she died because of a generational trust in the internet.  Let's face it every journey on public transit, every ebay transaction, every time you walk into a restaurant you've never been to, there's an element of risk. Yes, staying on a stranger's couch carries a larger amount of risk, then some choices, but to imply that the only reason this woman is dead is because of this, well, it's straight up victim blaming. I feel certain that not everyone who stays on a stranger's couch ends up dead.  I feel certain that people who kill people do not have to rely on the internet to bring them victims. (This article indicates he killed her for her money and phone.)
The purpose of these generational markers should be to take a look at the strengths each group has, instead to pick one to constantly blame for their naivete and selfishness, until we name the next one and shift our aim.