Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Katrina Problem

We are only halfway through the second season of "Sleepy Hollow" and there may be a plan that makes use of all of this. But, right now, Katrina is...not really necessary.  Katrina had moments where she seemed unnecessary in the first season, but she was also trapped in purgatory, and apparently possessed of a glittery hoo-ha given Ichabod and headless/Abraham's burning need for her.  Yes, she was (as folks on Twitter have oft pointed out, supposedly) a powerful witch.  But, no one seemed to really like her for that reason.  But, she was trapped in purgatory, so it seemed hard for her to do much more than pop into a mirror here or there to provide a helpful clue. 
In the beginning of this season she was out.  And...then she decided to hang with Headless to gather intel.  And...constantly remind everyone that Henry was good inside even though he was responsible for almost every terrible thing that happened for every episode, things that resulted in multiple deaths, and he even impregnated his mom with a demon.  (I mean, I know he's too old to be grounded, but if that doesn't at least get you a stern talking to.)  And...Katrina needed rescue a time or twelve.  And...it's fascinating, because in this show that features not one, but two amazingly kick ass women, where there are constantly scenes where Jenny and Abbie propose the plan that everyone follows, where Jenny and Abbie carry the big guns, drive the cars, get handed the tools while the guys hold the flashlights, Katrina gets tied up or impregnated or otherwise put at risk.  And her biggest moment of empowerment this season, was in flashback when she, er, accidentally offed Ichabod's fiance. 
Now it's possible the end game is that Katrina is not all good.  That her time in purgatory or out have caused her to reconsider her choices*.  Or even that they are intentionally making a point about the differences between being a woman raised a few hundred years ago thrust into a modern world.  (Although that would be kind of a shame, given how readily Ichabod has adapted to modern ways, even if he does have a lovely rant about bank pens.) But right now, Katrina is the anchor holding back the team trying to avert apocalypse.  She sends them after things without making sure her communications can't be tracked.  (Seriously, if you can't prevent folks from hitting redial on your mirror, what good is mirror communication.)  She needs rescue.  She makes the team make promises that impair their ability to succeed. 
So, at this point, even if there is a long game, it's going to take quite a lot to make up for what we have so far.

*This interview mentions they have a long game with this.  We shall see.