Monday, August 25, 2014

Tara's Muscles Chat

We are well into the physical therapy phase of my knee recovery, leading to, well lots of learning and relearning how people do things like walk normally. (I'm really good at limping now and apparently there is no good future in this, so fine, normal walking is the new black.)
So, a sampling of things my various leg, foot, and butt muscles are saying.
"Oh, sure.  Now you remember me."
"Wait.  I thought we weren't doing that any more."
"Ha, ha, we've been doing all the work and now it's your turn!...Wait, we still have to work to?  What? Who agreed to that deal?"
"This feel weird.  Does this feel weird to you?"
"Are you sure that's the way that's supposed to work?"
"Oh, no, not doing that.  Nope.  Not, wait, what?"
"Hey, that, actually didn't hurt.  Oh, wait, no, that. Didn't like that."
"Is this faster?  It feels faster than we've been going."