Thursday, July 03, 2014

Three Interesting Things

1. I have been trying to build up support for a two day work week, but this doctor in the UK is proposing a 4 day work week.  I assume he means a rolling flex schedule of some sort, particularly since he suggests one advantage might be picking kids up from school suggesting there are still five working days, just maybe we all don't need to work all of them.  (Assuming you are on a five day a week schedule)
2. It's been an unsettling week on a number of fronts, and discovery that Facebook was using the platform to conduct a giant social experiment on it's users does nothing to alleviate that.
3. As a person of faith I found this week's Supreme Court decision unsettling.  I keep writing and discarding posts in part due to extreme sadness that I even have to justify why religion should not exempt you from the law, and why my employer's faith, if I work in a non-religious institution should not be able to dictate access to things my faith does not prohibit.  But equally as worrying is the slippery slope, today it's some forms of birth control, but there are already cases in the pipeline asking for even broader exceptions, and, as this post points out, it also could be used as an excuse for problematic hiring and firing procedures. I can only hope that humans and corporations won't try to take advantage. 
4. And because that's depressing, and it's a holiday week, here - balsamic strawberry brownies