Monday, June 23, 2014

Delirium Pilot, Pacing and Other Things

I had read Lauren Oliver's Delirium and liked it.  It was hard though, I loved Before I Fall so very much, and obviously, Delirium exists in a very different world.  I was getting to a bit of dytopian ennui, and the world building necessary for a dystopian can often drag down the pacing and I find myself pretty impatient with slower paced things these days.  So, part of what I was curious about was, would a TV version move faster than that. 
Short answer - oh yeah.  Longer answer, obviously a TV show is focused on a longer arc than a trilogy. So, the pilot episode burns through the highlights of the first book, and also introduces other characters (who I assume appear later, at least some of them).  This is partly because it's much easier to demonstrate the bigger political picture by actually showing you some of the people who might wish to keep the status quo. 
Judging a TV show from a pilot is often like judging a book by it's first chapter - you have a sense probably if it entertained you and if the storytellers seem to be setting up for your kind of story, but it's hard to tell more, sometimes.  I ultimately enjoyed the pilot and will definitely be looking for more episodes.