Monday, April 21, 2014

Awesome Con is Awesome

I went to Awesome Con Sunday and enjoyed it muchly despite having managed to ding up my foot so I was walking in slow mo.  (And major props to my fellow con companions who were very patient with my speed.)
I stopped in at social media for authors and others heard some good stuff about Facebook, and Twitter, and then sadly had to sneak out so I could get in line to stalk, um, see Sean Astin.  (Achievement unlocked.  High five ten year-old me!)  He talked about running and his podcast and then, in response to a question that was apparently part of a bet, jumped on the table and narrated the bit from "Rudy".  (Good stuff.) 
Then it was time for Cary Elwes.  He spoke of movies and "Psych" and even that one episode of "Leverage".  He has a book coming out this fall about filming "The Princess Bride" and the other such things. 
We took a panel break to wander very specifically over to the DCPL booth because their twitter feed had been amazing throughout the con.  (Seriously local peeps, if you don't have a library card, get one. And MoCo, And Arl, and....)  Then finished out the day with the YA panel.  It was a great panel and not just because I knew some of the panel members.  (And well, we'll just hope people stop asking YA authors about new adult since new adult is still being defined and asking people who don't write or really read it to define it  There were discussions of boundaries and boundary pushing, marketing (particularly as far as how having a multi-genre story sometimes means you have a cover that make your book look very this and not that) and writing in other age categories (ie adult). 
So, looking forward to doing this again May 2015.