Monday, March 17, 2014

7 Things: The Marshmallow edition

As you may suspect (especially if you follow me on other social media) I saw the "Veronica Mars" movie this weekend.  Short version loved it.  My mostly non-spoilers 7 things I loved follow.  (These will obviously be 7 things in the movie, so if you want to know nothing, stop now, come back later.)
1.  Setting.  I know.  I tend not to think about setting in shows expect for obvious ones like "Justified" and "Longmire" where clearly the location of all these people is embedded into the characters.  Neptune is seemingly a generic beachside California town.  Of course it has a dark underbelly, a class difference that had been new, and now ten years later is more entrenched. 
2. Veronica and even Piz looked different in New York.  It was kind of like the "Ally McBeal"/"The Practice" crossover where you realized that the folks from "The Practice" looked weird in the yellow happy light of "Ally McBeal" and the "Ally McBeal" folks seemed extra quirky in the grim blue lighting of "The Practice". I kept thinking Veronica looked so severe.  Not in a bad way, she's just about to finish up law school, and while she was a marshmallow, Veronica hadn't been super soft looking before.  And then, as she spent more time in Neptune, she looked, well, more Veronica. 
3. I think the balance of getting to see all the characters I wanted to see and yet, having that wrap into the plot was well done.  This is always a tricky thing.
4. Speaking of balance, Keith has always been riding the line of wanting to encourage Veronica to question and be smart (or, perhaps, not entirely squelch that) and yet encourage her to think bigger, and focus on getting out of Neptune a town that he knows full well will build you up and tear you down.  Ten years on this is still true. 
5. I rewatched the movie and while the cheering section from my couch was smaller, it was still wonderful.  And I caught little bits and hints when I know what was coming.  I always think that's a great sign. 
6. I am so grateful to have another glimpse of Veronica, Keith, Wallace, Piz, Gia, Deputy Sacks, Weevil, and even Dick.  There are some others old and new too. 
7. And well, Neptune.  Like I said, it seems like a beachside town.  But it will build you up and tear you down.  Or sometimes just tear you down.