Thursday, May 02, 2013

Three Interesting Things: The Sexually Out Edition

I had been noticing a trend in stories about homosexual athletes.  How much this is a function of the times changing, or some sense that more players were going to feel free to speak openly about their sexuality, it's hard to say.  As many, many people frustratingly pointed out Jason Collins is not the first gay athlete.  He is not the first gay or homosexual and out athlete.  He is not the first actively playing out athlete. (And yes, we could talk about how women athletes are treated as lesser, but that's a subject for another day.) 
Nonetheless, he is a brave guy, because I know, that along with all the wonderful expressions of love he received after his announcement, he received, well, other ones. 
My future ideal is a time where people I have never met do not need to clarify their sexual preferences for me, but I recognize that there is also a need for role models, and, well, that only happens when people speak out.  So, here come the links.
1. The NHL has partnered with You Can Play, a group working to increase acceptance of LGBT players. 
2. One of the local Skins players said he didn't think having an openly gay teammate would be an issue.
3. And there is this interview with Robbie Rogers about his decision to come out.  Just a note - that interview was done after he left Leeds.  Some more recent articles indicate he is willing to return to soccer, so we shall see. 
4.* If you haven't read Mr. Collins column, it's here.

*Hey, my rules, I can break them.