Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Interesting Things

I've talked about fabulous realities before, but the general idea, stolen entirely from my high school creative writing book, is to look out for the amazing, strange and interesting happening in the real world.  Sometimes they are so weird that you could almost never get away with it in fiction because people would sa oh that's too weird, or too coincidental.  But, in the general spirit of that, here are three interesting things that I found out and about on the internet. 
1. An adoptive mother takes newborn style shots of her new twelve year old son
2. Connie Britton's awesome is not secret to "Friday Night Lights" fans, and even "Nashville" fans.  But, still, this article was an not unexpected good read, especially for the note about how much easier it is to date younger as one ages. 
3. And this example of how even police can sometimes mistake social media for actual notice, where a mother discovers a message in her Facebook about her son's death.