Monday, September 24, 2012

Creative Propositions

I just attended a wonderful family wedding, so it seems appropriate to discuss marriage proposals.  I have several friends who have received lovely ones.  Sometimes they are simple, sometimes they are not.  Generally, I think marriage proposals should be like the lawyers on TV say, which is a question you already know the answer to.  There are, of course, exceptions, but the idea here (especially if you are planning anything big or splashy or public) is that you and this person have come to a mutual decision that marriage is a desirable end result and that you can envision committing in such a fashion to one another.  There is a great book somewhere that I will hopefully remember the name of before I post this (uh, nope) wherein the couple are in a big huge disagreement and the one is a coach and so gets his team to help him plan a big, public proposal, and the recipient storms off because, hey, let's get married is not how you solve an argument.  (The argument is later resolved, things are re-proposed and then accepted.  And actually, even if I can remember this is a huge, huge spoiler so not telling.  (If you really must know email me.)) So yes, even though these folks are fictional, still, good point there. 
Anyhoo, while there is certainly nothing wrong with a basic, heartfelt proposal, the interwebs and my TV screen are full of bigger, huger, more creative proposals.  As with most things, knowing your target seems key here.  So, I present two very different proposals, both accepted so clearly found the appropriate targets even if I personally would have, um, drawn blood had I been the recipient of one.  (I'll let you guess which one.) One is here.  And one here.  (Both links have no sound or other things that might give you away.)