Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012: It's a Hard Life, This Reading

I had been reading like a crazy person of late, so I was sure I had some good stuff to choose from for the TBR challenge, until I looked at the list and realized I had been focused on stuff that only recently entered my pile, even if some of the books themselves were old.  So, no problem, steamy reads are practically a no brainer search in my pile, so I pulled some stuff off the shelf (actual shelf) and was...uninspired.  It's possibly more me when both a firefighter and a football story just left me flat.  But, there was this one, Karina Cooper's Blood of the Wicked which had been lingering in my pile for no good reason, considering how excited I was to read it.  And fortunately, it lived up to my expectations.  (I almost wrote our there, but that would be mighty presumptuous of me.)
A post-apocalyptic tale of a woman named Jessie who's been living off the grid since she's from a family of witches and these days the government has whole organizations dedicated to witch hunting. Things are going pretty well until a guy named Silas shows up in her bar.  He's been looking for her since they suspect her brother's involved in something huge and figure she's their best shot at getting close to him. And while post-apocalyptic might not sound like the best choice for steamy, um, yeah, Silas.  I really enjoyed this one and, amusingly after having grown tired of a string of books that could be titled failure to communicate, oh there are lies and half truths littered all over this book, which proves, if its motivated it well, I can sign on for many things. 
This book came out last year, so it wasn't like I had been sitting on it forever, but clearly, I need to get cracking and read the next.