Monday, June 18, 2012

Who Are You Going to Call?

Imagine you are on vacation.  Oh yeah...Sorry, um yes.  So, you are on vacation and you go for a little boat ride and then the tide changes and the boat gets stuck on the rocks.  You think, well, this is the modern age, we'll just whip out our cell phone and call...wait, um what do they use for emergencies in this country.  And the tide is still doing it's thing and so, you rifle through your purse looking for something and you find a drug store receipt.  With a phone number.  So, you call them and explain that you are, hi, stuck on some rocks, and could they please call someone to help you. 
Now first, applause to the lovely couple from Italy for the quick thinking.  And, hah, those little pieces of paper come in handy. (Okay, maybe not all of them.)  And then, yay for the woman at the drug store who realized, this was not a hoax and called out emergency services and the coast guard to help them (and their little dog too) out.