Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Even Zoo Animals Have Neighbor Problems

I want to stress that everyone is okay, which is why I'm going to poke a little fun.  When I first saw the headline that a crocodile in Australia had snapped up a lawnmower, I was intrigued because, let's face it, lawnmowers do not sound that appetizing.  As it happens, the crocodile - named Elvis - is in a reptile park and a keeper was mowing the lawn.  Elvis lunged at the keeper, I feel certain that he was tired of the stupid lawnmower noise, and the keeper brandished the lawnmower at him so Elvis took the lawnmower and plunked into the lagoon.  He then guarded the lawnmower, the keepers say like a new toy, but I again stand by my theory that he wanted to make sure they didn't take it back and start mowing again. They eventually distracted Elvis and got the mower back.  (I assume so that it wouldn't leech toxins into the lagoon since I'm guessing even zoo-grade lawnmowers are not designed for full submersion.  They say Elvis is quite pleased with himself, and why not, the mowing stopped, and he got kangaroo meat.  Sounds like an excellent day for a crocodile.