Friday, October 07, 2011

I am Biased, but...

When I heard that a group from Howard University was competing in this year's "The Sing Off", I was predisposed to wish them well, local group and all.  (It helps that the heats kept them separate from the only group I had actual prior knowledge of.) This year's "The Sing Off" continues to prove that a capella comes in all shapes and sizes, and that judging can be critical and still extremely thoughtful and respectful.
TBD, has a nice little link to Afro-Blue's first performance, which was excellent. 
And NPR's Monkey See blog has a link to their second, as well as the suggestion (with which I agree) that the large group numbers that they start every show with are amazing and worth flipping to (if you must move on to other TV that night, though, until "Chuck" comes back, what are you watching?  I kid, I kid.) 
Because of the heats, Afro-Blue will not be on next week's episode, but will return the following week when they collapse from two heats into one.  Of course, I expect the six groups appearing Monday to provide excellent performances as well.