Wednesday, February 02, 2011

7 Things: The Random Edition

Note: Contains reference to a racist sports team name.

This list lacks a theme, mostly.
1. The answer to where are all my stitch markers appears to be in my couch.
2. While I love being a nice, charitable person, the side effect of receiving more and more letters from charities I have never given to demanding money is sometimes less fun.
3. I have broken a lot of size six needles in the last year. Not sure why, unless sixes are a particularly vulnerable size. (The breakings have all been my fault.)
4. I seem to have a surprising lack of red in my wardrobe.
5. I remember when people said chocolate was bad for you, now it looks like it's great for you. (Unless that's all you eat.) I am awaiting similar discoveries about french fries, red licorice and ice cream.
6. I wonder if the Redskins would look any different if their ownership was spread out amoung many part owners like the Packers.
7. I want a dragon like the ones in "How to Train Your Dragon".