Friday, October 15, 2010

Sheep and Sheep Again

To take a break from some more soapboxy items, I present this sheep themed post. First, thanks to the lovely Yarnagogo, we have plaid sheep. (Go look at the picture, I’ll wait.) Now the text of the article mentions something about a wool crisis and I read it very quickly and all, but I feel very certain that the gist of it is: please buy more yarn! (Buy yarn, save the sheep, People.)
And then, continuing our sheep them (which is really just two items, but hey, they are sheepy), I send you here for a clever google ad. In fact, I think, if the animal fiber challenged folk don’t mind, we should just make this the secret fiber folk password. Imagine speakeasies with folks furtively knocking and saying “battlesheep” to gain entry.