Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Just Move

Look, I think it's fair that if you're running for office in Virginia that DC is not your primary focus. But to say, yeah, intellectually I think that it seems wrong that people in DC don't have the same rights as other people but really, they knew what they were getting into so if it bugs them they should move is, well, not the best answer.
I had a chat with a kid in youth group after a service where one couple spoke of their decision to move from Virginia after Virginia passed legislation removing many legal rights if couple were attempting to provide them to gay partners. The kid asked me why anyone gay remained in Virginia and I answered that there are two approaches - either you vote with your feet or you attempt to work change from within. So, I guess Mr. Fimian is hoping that the eleventh district isn't full of folks who moved to Virgina due to their lack of voting rights.