Thursday, June 03, 2010

Who Knew?

Who Knew?
Who knew the hospitals and/or government employees were just as suspect as the Ellis Island folks often blamed for adjusting people's names on entry.  I had a co-worker whose name was spelled unusually, such that it appeared that her name should be pronounced differently.  When I asked (to make sure that we hadn't just been saying her name wrong) her answer was that her mom had spelling issues.  Well, this list indicates athletes with names that seem spelled wrong when spelled correctly.  Apparently, quite a few of them are a result of some admin type person typing it wrong into the birth certificate.  I can certainly understand choosing not to engage in the layers of bureaucracy required to change it back, although in some of these cases, I may have tried.  I salute these folks ongoing challenge in getting their name right on the Starbucks cups.  (Some day I'll share what I've gotten on mine.)

H/T to ALOTT5MA for the link.

Edited because I realized I forgot the link.

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