Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Books: E-books

I keep meaning to spend more time talking about e-books. And then Dear author does such a nice job of it for me. (Well, not specifically for me.) Like in this post. (The Guardian also ran a nice overview article found here.)
I do want to expand on my biggest pet peeve. The DRM crap annoys me. The music business has already proved that DRM doesn't stop any of the things that it's supposed to. That it only annoys people who are not tech savvy enough to understand that instead of buying a copy of the story they are buying a format and sometimes device specific version that might be useless one day but still costs the same amount (usually) as a print book that you could mail to your mother.
I think the potential market for ebooks is huge, but it's so limited by format and price point right now that some of the tech savvy people are waiting (I didn't, and I know plenty of people who are diving in, aware of the limitations) and the non-tech savvy people are sometimes scared by all the talk.