Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dear Folks #17

Dear Men Who Wish to Attract Women via the Internet,
Don't lie. Sure, in dating people tend to reveal layers slowly. However, dating profiles establish some basic facts. Note the use of the word facts. So if you are separated but check the divorced box, you are not close enough. If you have kids, but your ex looks after them, it is not cute to check childless. And if you are 45 but select 39 as your age, no matter how young you look, it is still lying. Thanks for playing, and best of luck,
Doesn't Understand the Appeal of Setting Yourself up for Failure


Noelle said...

I love this!! I met my husband via online dating and MAN, did I have to kiss a lot of frogs (in hindsight - ick, ick, ick!). The thing that attacted him to MY profile was the line "if you still live with your mother, please do not respond to this ad". He thought that was hysterical and he had to meet me.

RandomRanter said...

Oh that's funny! And yes, I think that's a good standard to have.