Monday, July 21, 2008

Books: Between, Georgia

My apparent knowledge (or fabulous guessing skills) of the inside of famous author Joshilyn Jackson's house garnered me a copy of Between, Georgia which I have now scarfed up and read. One of the commenters on her blog was recently talking about how even in the often nutty blog entries her way with words is so lyrical. I agree. In fact Jackson is an example of an author I was introduced to through her blog and hunted her books down after.
So, Between is the story of Nonny, center of a tangle of small town relationships. (The town is Between.) Nonny is the biological descendant of the Crabtree family who tend toward drunkenness and have a few members serving time in jail. But Nonny has been raised by a deaf and now blind mother as part of the Frett family, who tend toward churchgoing, stalwart behavior.
So, as the story weaves along Nonny feels torn - is she a product of her nature or her nurture? Will these two families, who never much liked each other, come to blows now that she is grown and married (although she is working on getting divorced).
And really, that doesn't seem like much, but I almost hate telling you that much because I think the way that the story unwinds and unravels) is so wonderful, that I hate to spoil any of those pieces. So, all of this is to say that I loved the story.
Much like Gods in Alabama, which I also loved, the story progresses peeling back layers and revealing more pieces of the puzzle of how everyone came to be where there are, and what they will do next.